The Importance of Exercise

Nearly everyone knows that exercise is important; this is a message that our society has been repeating over and over again to us since we were kids. However, not everyone may be aware of the amazing benefits exercise provides.

In the United States, more than one in three adults and one in six children (ages 2-19) are obese.With America being one of the top world powers, if not the world power, this statistic is truly shocking. But exercise can do more than just get a person into shape. Many people may not know the plethora of benefits exercise can provide. In a recent report, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges called exercise a “miracle cure.


Here are some reasons why exercise may very well be a miracle cure.

To start, working out helps manage physical and mental stress. Exercise also releases endorphins, which creates a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Exercise is especially important for individuals suffering from depression or anxiety because research shows that exercise can be just as effective as antidepressant pills in treating depression.

Lifting weights can help lift your mood.

Lifting weights can help lift your mood.

A report from the National Center for Biotechnology Information writes that “depressed adults who took part in a fitness program displayed significantly greater improvements in depression, anxiety, and self-concept than those in a control group…the exercise participants also maintained many of these gains through the 12-month follow-up period.”

Not only do the benefits of exercise immediately help individuals, the benefits can stay with them for months after they started working out.


So far, we learned that exercise can aid in managing physical and mental stress as well as combat depression and anxiety. That, in itself, is incredible, but there are even more benefits from exercise:

  • Physical fitness can also boost an individual’s self-esteem and improve their positive self-image.
  • Working out helps support the brain and prevents degeneration of the hippocampus, an important part of the brain that’s associated with memory and learning.
  • Exercise can create new brain cells and improve overall brain performance.
  • Studies have shown exercise can help people fall asleep, especially individuals with insomnia.
  • Exercise increases creativity and puts people into a positive mood.
  • Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients which improves skin health and can even make wounds heal faster.


Let’s be honest here, this is an amazing list of benefits. In business terms, exercise has an incredible ROI.

Exercise is something that is available to everyone. People of all ages, genders, and races can exercise. A person doesn’t even need a gym membership, anyone can jog around their neighborhood or workout in their room.


The best part about exercise is that it is earned and no one can give it to you and no one can take it from you. Even if someone is born into a wealthy family, has a private chef and a personal gym, they won’t be able to get six-pack abs unless they work at it every single day.

The opposite of that is true as well. If a person lifts weights every day and they build 21-inch biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’ll maintain their physique for some time even if they stop working out.


It’s no secret that exercise takes time. Finding thirty minutes to an hour each day can be difficult for some individuals. But, there is good news. When a person commits to exercising each day, they start to look at their day and review what is important and what isn’t. This helps people become better at time management.


In my personal experience, I found that exercise helps people become more disciplined. By finding time to work out each day, you slowly build up discipline. Eventually, exercise becomes a habit and becomes a part of your daily routine. With its wide range of incredible benefits, everyone should strive to incorporate exercise into their daily life.

I hope this article encourages you to find time to exercise and become more active!

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